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A Year in the Life

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A Year in the Life

No excuses here.  I've had "blogging" on my to-do list for months now.  Months have a tendency to add-up after a while.  Here we are, a year later.  Oh, the difference a year makes.  I'd upload images, but there's something funky going on w/ my system today.  Gallery to come...

Since the final post last year, I:

...Took 3rd Overall at the Tri Ridgefield Race.  My friend Morgan kicked my a big way.  2nd place beat me out by not even 5 seconds.  Phooey!

The same day, I rushed to get in the car, grab Lu and watch Sam as he crushed Rev-3 and achieved his first-ever (well under) 5 hour 1/2 Ironman.  YES!

Sam turned the big 3-0.

The next week, I won the Seaside Triathlon and watched a friend finish his first-ever tri!

Chrissie Wellington came into the office to try some proto product.  We spent 3 days together and became quick friends.  She's still one of my favorite people to hug. 

I went to Lake Placid for work and brought Sam up for a training trip, pre-IM LP.  I crashed hard and spent the night in the ER.  At 5AM, I went to work, looking like a demented mummy.  It was kinda brutal. 

In the month of June I spent more on gauze and medical supplies than I did on rent.

6 weeks later, I got the clear to work out again.  I still had to wear bandages.

1 Week later, we went back to Placid for Sam's Ironman.  I went for a run, tripped (on my own feet) and fell.  I broke  my ulna (again), a few millimeters from the part that just healed ( I didn't know this at the time).  I was so angry, I got on my bike and rode up to the top of Whiteface Mountain.  It was glorious.  The descent hurt like a mother.  There are still blood stains on my handlebars.

The Doctor suggested I call it a season and let the body heal.

Sam crushed his first Ironman Lake Placid and vowed to retire from Ironman racing (after 2).

Sam and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary.

I started training for cyclocross. 

I got sick and missed my 1st cross race

We flew to Hawaii for work at the Ironman World Championships

I turned 27


We celebrated.  Then celebrated some more. 

And then it was the New Year!

We realized our wedding was 7 months away. we flew to Jackson Hole for a ski trip...

... it was awesome...

...I started taking Ballet class...

...then bike racing season started, and I took 4th.

...then we flew to Taiwan for 2 weeks for work and I didn't do anything but run for about an hour total and eat lots of wild foods...

...Then I came back and won 3 races in a row, moving into the yellow yersey for the first time ever...

And here we are: Mid-April and about to fly out for another work trip.  I haven't ridden a tri bike since my crash last year.  It's crazy business and I cannot wait for the months ahead.

Want to know about the wedding?  Click HERE.

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