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Always the Bridesmaid....

So the phrase goes: "Always the bridesmaid; never the bride"

It's feeling a bit true following up last week's 2nd place with another 2nd place by about an inch.

No complaints here, just a desire to finally go that extra inch and WIN!

Bethel was, well, Bethel as usual.  Windy and cold, but sunny for a change.  Girls came out from all over - plenty from NYC and many new faces, plus the local crew of Bethel, Stage-1, Audi and CVC-Subaru.

With a big group, and a good mix of teams, I was looking forward to some interesting racing.  But today was just a little boring.  There were a few attacks and accelerations, but the group came along for each an no one seems really serious about trying to get away. 

Coming off a horrendous recovery week (where I didn't really recover, just dug myself into a deeper hole), the pace was just fine.  I still put time in at the front, made a few attack attemps and chased down almost every attack.  While the pace did seem a bit easier, there were times when we were strung out and working... working the whole time, don't get me wrong - just not tongue-hanging-out-your-mouth hard today.

Some managed to beat themselves with a stick today - strong lady Jenn was on every attack and I'm pretty sure was first up the hill each lap.  Man, she is a glutton for punishment and a STRONG and safe wheel to follow.  Anne Marie Miller, again showed that she has no fear of leading the entire race, taking every prime and then winning.  Yup.  She's an animal.  And I told her so.

The new faces always present a challenge - you don't know their riding style, background, ability, etc.  Today I misjudged a rider and it cost me.

Coming into the last 2 laps, my aim was to move toward the inside line.  Stay out of the wind, move up and then hit the sprint.  I got stuck on the outside, Jo on the inside and Siri got boxed in too.  I said screw it and started to make my way up on the windy outside.  We hit the corner, I was sitting 3rd wheel and Annie and a Radical Media girl jumped.  The girl in front of me did not.  I accelerated and eeked by her, the radical chick and the girls from the outside line.  I pushed and reached Annie.  I saw the line.  We both threw our bikes.  She got it.

Post race, I took Lu for a run and opted to skip the men's races.  I'm stuck in this in-between.  Preparing for my long-distance tris and yet also wanting to explore the path of a bike racer. 

Luckily there's time for it all...and a few more weeks to try and bag that win!

And, since I owe you photos - here are some from the guys at Navone Studios - gracious hosts and sponsors of these criterium races.  The photos are from last week.  I'll post his from this week as soon as they are available.

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