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Call me in the Morning

Well, a lot happened between January 14th and now...  Just about a month without blogging and here I land!

The big news is that I'm now the Global Marketing Manager for Cannondale Bicycles.  My relationship with Cannondale goes back 7+ years and when the position offer came up, it was something I could not refuse.  There are so many exciting things happening with the brand this year and I'm beyond excited to make my mark!

Three weeks in and I'm busy, exhausted and loving every minute.  Now if only they would change the policy on dogs at work... Poor Luna is without me for the first time in her life and it breaks my heart leaving every morning. 

Sam and I are joking that paying our dog walkers is the first foray into childcare - One more expense for the budget!

In other news, training is going well - not particularly heavy or structured, but entirely enjoyable.  2-3 workouts a day, at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night and a *fairly clean diet (save for some cookies and gluten-filled delights). 

Downhill skiing, xc skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, cross-bike riding and just enjoying the snow has made this Winter do-able.  Add to that some great training partners and you've got a happy, healthy athlete.

It does feel funny not to be preparing for an Ironman this year.  Who knows, maybe there will be one this Fall, but at this point, I'm excited for what I'm calling the "free spirit" calendar - running races, bike races, some 1/2 Irons and shorter events.  I'm loving this conversation with my body and getting back in tune.

Pictures from these adventures coming soon.  I'm going to vow to blog at least a few times a week.  Seriously.  Seriously!  I will.  Watch me.


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