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It has been a crazy time here in Mandy Land - More driving than I'd like, but lots of great training, great company and great weather. 

Last week Sam and I made our way to the grand opening of the Rapha store and Cafe in Manhattan.  It was a great event and watching the hipster crowd is oh-so-entertaining.  We left with a group and grabbed fantastic Mexican food and drinks.

The next few days were filled with parties - Fourth of July, House Warmings - just a blast!  We then made out way to the Jersey Shore for some time with Sam's extended family.  The 100+ degree temps made training interesting, playing tricks on my mind!  Sam's family knows how to party, so that was the extra challenge of the visit.  Now home, I'm trying to recover from that aspect!

This weekend brings some nice training - a 100 miler and run with Jo and the girls, then the New England Regional Crit Championships on Sunday.  Woot Woot!

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Hey Girl!
Woo! Way to go girlfriend! Kickin' ass in the heat! Can't wait to see you again on the 7th! BTW - did Andy tell you that I saw him at the Pat G Tri? You should have gone....small taters for you but you would have cleaned house girlfriend! Stay cool! Cait