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Here Today, Lyme Tomorrow

So the ups and downs, the good day followed by the bad one, along with the slew of other symptoms all led me to the Doctor's office...and it's official.  I've got Lyme Disease again.

It's back on the meds and simply aerobic training for me until they start to kick in and kick this nasty Lyme out of my body.  Which also means... no racing this weekend.  Instead I'll be volunteering and cheering.  Yup, that's it from this end!

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heal quickly, chica! -e
heal quickly, chica! -e
Girl, you can't catch a break! That stinks! CT is notorious for that disease (hence the name Lyme disease, from Old Lyme, CT). Hang in there! And let me know where to be the 18th. ;-) Rest easy!