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Where in the World?

Wowza - so I've been absent for a while, huh? It's been a busy few weeks. After St Croix I came down with a bit of a cold that sidelined me. Then last week was crazy-time with meetings and such. It was fabulous, but I lost track of blogging completely.

I'm in the midst of designing a new uniform for this year, adding events to the calendar, planning a family wedding (not mine, silly!), redesigning the BraveMandy site and so much more.

The new BraveMandy will be launching soon and I couldn't be more excited.

I've been slowly coming around - slowly being the optimal word here - recovering from St Croix always takes me longer than any other event.

Saturday I had a great ride with Dikran and Sam - Sadly my legs did not come along for the ride!

Sunday morning, fast-girl Joanne came to rock my world. We started with a hard 90 minute trail run and then a 90 minute road ride (with some dirt).

Today I'm sore and happier than ever!

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I love the new website!
I love the new website! jodie