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Sittin' on the Dock

Well, more like "Sitting on the couch looking pathetic". Sorry for the lack of updates, what I thought were just some pool-related allergies have become a full-blown sickness...courtesy of my lovin' man.

We all get sick and there is really no good time to get sick. I like to say to people that there are "better and worse" times to get sick/injured/go through something crappy, but in truth, there's never really a good time... well, unless it is raining/sleeting/snowing/wind blowing 70mph outside...then it's ok get stuck inside!

It is not, however, ok to get sick when it happens to be sunny and 70 outside.

Ok, enough complaining, I'm on the mend, but I need to let my body do just that. Signing off until I've actually come up with something interesting and noteworthy to write about!

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