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Go...and then Go Some More

With "race week" upon me, I knew I wanted to make this weekend epic. It started with a nice strength swim on Friday night (my favorite time to swim!), then, after watching Paris J'Taime (I highly recommend it - a bunch of French Film shorts about love - great actors) I got a full night's sleep. Saturday was gloomy, but I was determined to have a great long run.

I've always wanted to do a point-to-point run and looking at the map, I found the perfect route - leave from my house, head out on roads for a bit and then hit the dirt from New Milford, thru Roxbury and Bridgewater and into Washington. It was peaceful and perfect - absolutely silent outside except for the rain falling.

A family friend was visiting this weekend and that afternoon, after a ride on the horses, we opened beers and enjoyed the mild evening weather. She lives out in California and commented that she has trouble finding a place where she can just enjoy nature and the quiet - to really listen to her inner voice. It was something I was thinking about earlier in the day.

I never train with music (with the exception of indoor workouts in the winter on rollers), I like to hear my inner dialogue, to think of work, of my relationships, commitments - or even nothing at all. We started talking about this phenomena - I think a lot of people constantly play music when working out or enjoying nature to mute that inner voice, maybe for fear of what it has to say? There are definitely times when thoughts enter my mind - thoughts I'd rather not think - but it's only when we face those that we can really find that inner peace, no?

Sunday brought sunshine and a new riding buddy! My friend Chuck agreed to a nice long ride and we chose to ride the super-fun Housatonic Hills course with a few bonus climbs in there. 4 hours flew by in a nano-second. Didn't feel so hot after the ride - a stop at a local well for water resulted in my throwing up for a few hours.. yucko.

Finishing out a great day, was the return on my boy! All I can say is I need to send him away with the boys more often - it's definitely worth the reward when he gets home! Being swept off to a lovely Indian Dinner at Thali.

Best yet - it's a beautiful Monday morning!

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